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We are a family owned and operated establishment. Military is a big part of our business but also our family. We have had several members of our family serve in the armed forces. We take time to appreciate, thank and honor those who serve presently, those who have served and those who have lost their lives for our country. 

Help Us Give Back

We offer the largest discount for Military and First Responders in the Tampa Bay Area. We do our best to help salute those who have dedicated their lives to working for our country. Recently, a family friend of ours was lost. An Ex Army Ranger committed suicide in February and caught us all off guard. We decided that for our one year anniversary we would give back to those we hold in such a high regard. 

From July 10th through July 16th we are suspending all discounts for all persons. We are instead donating 10% of our Net profits per day to . We were alarmed by the numbers of suicides committed by soldiers and veterans. We wanted to find a way to help out the military family as a whole. Join us as we try to do our part to serve those who so willingly serve us and our country daily. 

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